About Us

Our Mission
Bringing people to faith and maturity in Christ.
Relevant Message
Sermons that make sense and apply to seekers, new believers and mature Christians.
Contemporary Communication
Historic Christianity shared through today's methods...everyday language and popular media and arts.
Welcoming Environment
We have no dress code, you can be as anonymous as you wish to be, but you'll be greeted with friendly smiles, you won't be pressured or manipulated because we respect the process of coming to faith in Christ.
Biblical Standards
The Bible is the basis for our faith and practice. We are a Grace-oriented loving community.
Gift-oriented Ministry
Every believer has been given spiritual gifts to use in serving others. The role of the pastors is primarily to teach, train and equip.
Serve Others
Faith Christian Church Evansville WI is built on God's love and service. There are a variety of ways in which to be involved in relationships and ministry to others.